Cover image of Housing Justice is the Cure with a person at the front of a large march wearing a medical face covering holding a sign that says 'No nos moverán!'

Released in September 2021, this report is a collaboration between eviction researcher Benjamin Walker of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the non-profit organization City Life/Vida Urbana. This report investigates patterns of eviction during the Covid-19 pandemic, systematically analyzing who has faced evictions in Boston in this unprecedented and dangerous time.

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  • 7 in every 10 (70%) pandemic eviction filings occurred in census tracts where the majority of renters are people of color, even though less than half of all Boston rental housing (47%) is located in these neighborhoods

  • By contrast, only 30% of eviction filings occurred in tracts with majority white renter populations, even though 43% of all occupied Boston rental units are in these neighborhoods.

  • In the first year of COVID-19, the eviction filing rate was nearly 5 times greater in Boston census tracts where the share of Black residents is especially high than in tracts with high concentrations of white residents.
  • On average, landlords filed evictions at 2x the rate in neighborhoods with the highest rates of COVID-19 incidence than in neighborhoods with the lowest COVID-19 incidence rates.

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When: Tuesday, September 21st, 2021, 10am
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On Tuesday, September 21st, City Life/Vida Urbana will be releasing the groundbreaking report "Housing Justice Is The Cure: Evictions in Boston's Communities of Color during Covid-19".

We'll be joined by Boston renters who have faced eviction during Covid-19. We'll also hear from organizers about what families are doing to resist evictions in Boston's communities of color.

Speakers will be available for interviews upon request after the webinar.

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